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Our Mission:

The mission of the company is the creation of a diverse range of innovative investment products, provide high quality investment services to their customers and building distinguished ability to attract capital and create long-term strategy relationships, as well as building institutional professional able to provide a dynamic working environment helping its staff to achieve what they have from talent possibilities. Adding value to our customers financial improvement by providing integrated business solutions, to attract regional and international companies looking for a unique business platform, through service excellence in a customer centric business environment, by dedicated competent and loyal people.

Our Vision:

The company ‘s vision is to become a financial leader in this industry, and Munich Financial Services Consultant aims to achieve goals of its customers and shareholders by employing best practices in the industry through commitment with the highest ethical standards.

Munich Financial Services Consultant was founded with talented members of the finance profession in order to operate in the fields of public works, financial services and real estate development, and was structured to be able to operate with partners possessing complementary skills. This pragmatic approach has enabled the Company to develop into a great dynamic investment firm.

Core Strategic Tenets

Systematic Trading:

Utilize our technology, research and data to deploy fully-automated trading systems capable of harvesting statistical inefficiencies in financial markets.

Multi-Asset Portfolio Allocation:

Combine stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate to create a more broadly diversified long-term portfolio through research-driven asset selection and risk-focused portfolio construction.

Equity Market Neutral:

Seek to deliver consistent alpha generation by taking full advantage of both long and short trading positions across global equity markets.

Discretionary Trading:

Aim to profit opportunistically from fundamental themes, inefficiencies and dislocations in financial markets at a macro, sector, stock specific, factor or exchange level on a short-term investment horizon.